As the many few might know my Life was put in severe risks due to the malignant influence of someone whose consanguinity must yet be determined. As negative as my Mother's been to me, she's also under the
malignant influence of same horrible someone.
Someone disgusting with no light or joy inside whose only aim in whatever 'life' they have is to fade away the joy and the light of those she envies, motivated by money greed and overall spiritually dead. The infrahuman equivalent of a dirty bomb. A putrefact heart. A non-mother. What the Bible calls, abomination.
The felon's name is MARIA ISABEL GUERRA CORDEIRO, she is a criminal, usurper, saboteur, financial fraudster and scammer, robber, undiagnosed psychopath with a large body count, I strongly believe she caused my Father's unnatural death, and a few others within the family. Lives mean nothing to her. As long as she gets $.

I know it sounds like a 'very heavy accusation', but MY DAUGHTER'S HEART, KNOWS THE TRUTH.

How can I not know? He got ripped off his eyes. I got ripped off my teeth...

The usurper is blocking comms. I DONT KNOW FROM MY MOTHER FOR MONTHS.

Everything I've been stating since 22.10.22 are true facts as hard and terrible as they may sound to who doesn't know what CPTSD and surviving a lifetime of NPD abuse is, and at this point, the verses from
Matthew 7:21-23, Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition, totally apply towards those who've doubted me.
All this been soul and heart rending and as bad as it is, I keep praying for my Mother.

To the many few who've shown and given me Faith, Humanity, Hope, all my Love and Respect.
You're in my prayers and wish and want to recover my Life back and so much more,
That I may help you, even better, than you've helped me.


All my Love,


Written in the green and pleasant land of Hyeroshalayim.

11.4.1945 3PM 3th & 9th FORTIS UNI LAUS ET GLORIA

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